How do you adequately celebrate advancing to the National League Championship Series? Slide around in beer, of course!

Now, admittedly, I would typically be against wasting beer in such a wanton and reckless manner. However, considering how much I love my Mets and how hard they had to claw back against a very good Dodgers pitching staff, and team in general, to get to this point, I think I'll allow it. They've certainly earned the right to beer slide if that's what they'd like to do.

Plus, it looks fun as heck.


I've decided I'm going to celebrate every single victory in my life this way. Get out of jury duty? Beer slide. Get a raise? Beer slide. Open a book to the exact page I wanted to get to? You guessed it: beer slide. Thank you, 2015 New York baseball Mets. You've already given such joy, such happiness, and been inspiring in so many ways.