National Cheeseburger Day takes place every September 18, this year will be no different! It got Nick & I thinking about what are the best toppings to be on a cheeseburger and what the best cheese is for a cheeseburger.

What are the best toppings? There were a lot of people that responded 'nothing.' So burger, cheese, bun, that is it. Then there were people who specifically mentioned ketchup and mustard. A few also went 'around the garden' asking for it with lettuce, tomato and pickle.

For me personally, I do find myself changing it up every once in a while, instead of ketchup, I have been known to put barbecue sauce or pesto on my cheeseburger. Hey, before you knock it, give it a try.

What about the best cheese to try on a cheeseburger? Hands down the largest amount of people responding said that it had to be American cheese for their burger. A few said provolone, even less said that Swiss was their go to.

So what are your favorite toppings and cheese for YOUR cheeseburger? Let us know!


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