If free speech doesn't protect unpopular speech is it really free speech?

Right now we live in a society that wants to ban things that we don't like.

There are some terrible words in the English language. Some that many of us would never use you nor should we. Is banning the the word really the answer? Doesn't it give the word more power?

Recently, New York City banned the term "illegal alien" when used to demean someone and now Massachusetts seems to be taking a page out of their playbook.

According to Boston.com, a democratic representative has introduced a new bill that would ban the b-word to be used in a derogatory way against another person. The bill also states that the use of the word in that manner would be a violation and could be a similar infraction to "disturbing the peace".

Victims of the alleged verbal attack could come forward or witnesses could also accuse someone of saying the word. In case you missed it, that's the round about way of saying that they want you to tattle on someone for using a curse word.

Does this bill infringe on our first amendment rights?

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