A new law is going into effect in New York State in 2025, and hotel rooms will never look the same again.

The last decade has already seen some major changes at hotels and motels across the country. The practice of only washing towels that are left on the bathroom floor, for example, was one step the businesses took in an attempt to lower their water consumption and carbon footprint (as well as save money on utility bills). The new law has a similar angle.

View of the Hampton Inn in Newburgh, NY from route 84
Hotel rooms in New York State will look much different in 2025 after a new law goes into effect (Google)

New Law Affecting Hotels in New York State

The new law is part of a broader plan by New York State called "Waste Reduction and Recycling for Businesses". While there are laws relating to everything from battery recycling to food donations, the legislation affecting hotels is centered around something smaller: personal care bottles.

Personal care items in a hotel bathroom
Small plastic personal care bottles will be removed from New York State hotel rooms in 2025 (View of the Hampton Inn in Newburgh, NY from route 84 with a superimposed image of a sad man/Billion Photos via Canva)

Ban of Small Plastic Personal Care Bottles in New York Hotel Rooms

Beginning on January 1st 2025, hotels will be banned from using small plastic personal care bottles, which typically contain lotion, shampoo, or conditioner, in guest rooms. The legislation will affect hotels with 50 or more rooms, and a similar law targeting smaller hotels will begin in 2026.

The law, titled Small Plastic Bottle Hospitality Personal Care Product Restrictions, defines small bottles as "a plastic container with less than a twelve ounce capacity that is intended to be non-reusable by the end user". As there is no defined grace period, it may also leave many businesses with excess product.

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Hotels with excess personal care items will not be permitted to continue leaving them in guest rooms in 2025, with New York State suggesting that the businesses either donate the products to local organizations or attempt to recycle them. The law will also mark the end of a storied hotel tradition.

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Nearly everyone in New York has at least one relative who leaves hotel rooms with more than they came with, including extra shampoo bottles that "accidentally" made it off the housekeeping carts and into their luggage. These "souvenir hunters" will have to travel to other states if they want to continue their collection.

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