The Hudson Valley film and television industry are getting back to work with a number of new safety protocols in place. An upcoming four-episode series is on the lookout in the area for multiple places to film.

Boathouse Productions based in New York City will be filming in the area between October 20 and November 25. First off, they're looking for a postwar home that still has a 1950s look to bo the interior and exterior. They're also looking for a farm in the area with a barn and access to a cornfield in Greene or Ulster County.

Anyone with a location in mind can reach out to the Hudson Valley Film Commission at and all photos and suggestions will be sent to producers so they can follow up with you directly.

Movie and television production in the Hudson Valley was off to a huge start this year before the pandemic set in. Coming off of 2019 where more than $46 million in direct spending took place, the impact on the local economy has been enormous. In terms of hotel lodging alone, more than 42,000 rooms were rented at Hudson Valley hotels with more than 4,000 local actors and extras put to work.

Last year, Paramount's A Quiet Place: Part 2, Showtime's Billions, and HBO's Emmy Award-nominated I Know This Much Is True all spent meaningful time filming in the Hudson Valley region, just to name a few.

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