One New York leader is trying to help families from the Hudson Valley who are the victims of benefits thefts.

On Monday, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney sent a letter to the New York State officials in charge of distributing SNAP benefits demanding support for Hudson Valley residents who have had their benefits stolen by online hackers.

Maloney Stands Up For Hudson Valley SNAP Recipients Following Reports of Benefits Thefts

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"Stealing SNAP benefits is quite literally taking food out of the mouths of those in need,” Maloney said. “After reading reports that local residents have had funds stolen from their SNAP benefits via hacking, I reached out to New York State officials to demand they take action to make residents whole and further secure the system against these thefts.”

Maloney is demanding help for the victims and New York State officials to increase the security of New York’s electronic benefits transfer system.

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"I am asking your office to ensure that any victim of theft have their benefits promptly replaced and to take the necessary steps to increase the security of the EBT system in New York State," Maloney said in the letter to New York State officials

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Online Hackers Stealing From Hudson Valley Families

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Hudson Valley families using SNAP benefits to buy food found out the balance and their benefit card was reduced or wiped out by hackers.

"Across my district, numerous constituents have reported attempting to purchase groceries for their families only to find out that the balance on their electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card had been greatly reduced or wiped out," Maloney added. "No family should face food insecurity or financial hardship after being the victim of cybertheft and I am calling on your office to take all necessary steps to quickly and fully reimburse any New Yorker who has lost their SNAP benefits to theft."

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