We know how much some people hate spiders. It must have been a pretty scary experience for one Genesee County man when he had an encounter with an eight legged intruder as he was driving down the road.

WHAM reports that Richard Amico Jr. was on Route 98 in Batavia Friday when a spider landed on his leg. Amico told police he tried brushing the spider off his leg but hit an embankment and went airborne. It is unclear whether he simply tried to push the spider and away and made an error in judgment behind the wheel, or if he was kicking and shrieking in terror? Chance are if it were the latter, he'd never own up to it.

ABC says Amico's Buick flipped all the way over and landed in a driveway. Amico was not seriously hurt. It is unclear if the spider suffered an injuries in the accident, though it more than likely caused this poor driver some embarrassment.

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