Law enforcement is one of the most difficult career paths that one could enter. It has a lot of mental and physical requirements. It can be draining work but also extremely rewarding and New York State is one of the best places in the nation for police officers.

There are several reasons why.

Why New York State is Great for Cops

New York State has a large population filled with everything from vibrant and busy cities to small towns and villages. There are a lot of law enforcement opportunities in New York.

Wallet Hub recently released a list of the best places to work as a cop. They based their results on several different methods. They looked at things like how many other officers are in the state, the average starting salary, job and salary growth and how many hazards you could potentially face.

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California was surprisingly the number one state for police officers. Connecticut and Massachusetts also made it in the top 10. New York State has a reputation of being a terrible place for law enforcement officers to work. The data shows that's not true. New York came it at number 9.

Source: WalletHub

The data shows that New York State has the 3rd most police officers per capita and the 6th best budget for protection expenses. Some statistics that brought New York down were the violent crime rate and we sadly have the 23 highest police officer death rate.

New York State remains to be a top place for police officers despite having its dangerous setbacks.

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