When you hear about someone filing a law suit against an adult themed store, a number of questions (and jokes) start bouncing around inside your head.

One Chelsea woman says a neighborhood erotic shop ruined her furnished basement, which eventually made her have to take her home off the market. Now she's looking for payment. How did this happen? Well, from the civil suit states; it's pretty strange and downright disgusting.

The NY Post says that the sewer lines of the woman's townhouse are shared with the ones from the Sexy Boutique's emporium. The suit claims the shop clogged their drains with condoms, diapers and other items so badly that her basement was flooded with six feet of sewage.

Desperate for help, the woman called plumbers and later the city Department of Environmental Protection. A DEP inspector conducted a number of tests, such as searching the sewer pipes with a camera, and found that their sewer lines were indeed connected.

Now, the Post is reporting that she is seeking at least $2 million in damages. 

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