The birth place of buffalo sauce is greeting the season with a coffee spice of their own.

Fall is officially here now and a lot of basic coffee drinkers are rejoicing. Pumpkin spice seems to be the official coffee of the season.

Buffalo Wings
(Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Buffalo New York claims they've got a latte of their own and they've rolled it out at two local Tim Horton's locations.

Tim Horton's created a new latte flavor and it may just be finger licking good. The city that claims to have invented buffalo sauce has decided to make a buffalo spice latte. The flavor has been described as a mix of mocha and buffalo sauce. Is this for real or is it Buffalo's way of being relevant in the whole crazy coffee craze?

According to Business Wire, the specialty coffee drinks will be available in Buffalo and Jamestown. Is the ridiculous latte flavors the latest trend?

If we were tasked to make the Hudson Valley flavored latte what would it taste like?