The City of Newburgh's ongoing water crisis has received national attention after being featured on a VICE News segment on HBO.

PFOS, which is used in a foam firefighters use to extinguish flames, has been linked to kidney, thyroid and testicular problems. The source of the contamination has been determined to be Stewart Air Force Base which had a spill a 4,000 gallons spill of PFOS in the early 1990's.

The base itself was declared a Superfund site last summer, and the Department of Defense is now overseeing remediation efforts. However, work has been slow to get underway. The DOD is due to submit their plan of action by the month. Technically the investigative work falls under the Air Force umbrella, and they've stated the investigation is ongoing.

The city has since changed sources for its drinking water, but concern remains among residents that the water flowing to their homes is unsafe.