So, for the last year plus you have been telling yourself that you are going to try to take better care of yourself. You find that are promising yourself more time for self-care or even more time to exercise, are you doing it?

Have you heard of "Goat Yoga?" Yes. It is pretty much what it sounds like. You and a few other people go through a yoga session, outdoors, with goats as your companions. No, the goats do not go through the yoga positions, but they are also not known to keep to themselves much.

Why would you do a program like yoga with goats, dogs, cats or any other animal? Because it will make you smile. When you smile, you instantly start to relax. Maybe you will even laugh a bit and at the same time get some great stretching in.

There are many different types of programs, single-sessions, multi-sessions and a few businesses even have goat yoga retreats. Here are a few places, located within a two-hour drive of the Hudson Valley:

There are a few things that I found out while doing my "Goat Yoga" research:

  • Yes, there is always a potential that a goat will go to the bathroom on you.
  • Yes, there is potential that the goat will try to nibble on you.
  • Yes, you can pet the goats and interact with them, but you are usually asked to not feed them.
  • Yes, you can actually get a real yoga session in while being around the goats, you just might need to focus a little more than at a 'normal' yoga center.

So, when do you want to go to a goat yoga session?

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