Could you even hear the National Anthem over the deafening sound of irony?

Is there anything more annoying than a die hard sports fan who doesn't have a clue what they're talking about? How about a hypocrite? There probably is but it's got to be high up there on the list.

A picture was recently shared on Deadspin of a New York Jets fan who sitting on a United States flag. It appears as if he was using it as a picnic blanket to not get his pants dirty. If that wasn't bad enough, the fan was wearing a Jets t-shirt but not just any shirt. This one had a special message on it.

The message reads "I stand for the national anthem." Do you think this hypocritical?

In the midst of all of the controversy at football stadiums you'd think that someone would want to stay far away from sitting on a flag.

Do people hold the same standards for respecting a flag? This man clearly didn't see any issue with this. Would this be the same thing as wearing an article of clothing that has the star spangled banner print on it?

What constitutes as disrespect?