There's a new law that recently hit a New York town that could start a movement across the state. How accountable should parents be for their children's behavior?

Kids can be cruel to each other. Growing up it's just something children seem to learn the hard way. Many schools and communities feel they heavily cracked down on bullying with a "Zero Tolerance Policy," but is that really enough? One Western New York community doesn't think so.


According to New York Upstate, the town of North Tonawanda (15 miles south of Buffalo) has ruled that parents will be to blame if your child is a bully and a repeat offender.

The law was passed to help deter youth violence and after parents of bullied children not being able to pursue any legal recourse because the bullies are minors. City officials and law enforcement believe that bullying is a learned behavior and that the parents should pay for the crime.

The penalties would be a $250 fine and possibly 15 days in jail for the parent or a maximum of both.

Do you agree with this law and should it be spread through the entire state or even the Hudson Valley area? Should parents be held responsible for their kids actions to this extent?