We've all heard of people suing food companies for not being healthy, but can you can actually sue for the total opposite? One New York man is trying to do just that.

If you haven't heard of Halo Top, it's the new low calorie and protein-packed ice cream that's a healthy alternative to its competitors. Halo Top ice cream has given every health conscious person with a sweet tooth a reason to have some dessert and be guilt free.

If you eat Halo Top, you know that it's not cheap. According to Class Action, a man purchased a pint last summer and had no idea that it was a low calorie and healthy ice cream. He filed a suit in Federal New York court claiming the labels are misleading. The charges claim that the gold top misleads customers into thinking that the dessert is filled with butter and cream. The labels are not like other standard light ice creams so the plaintiff claims the brand is misrepresenting itself.


Is this where we are? We are complaining about delicious low-calorie food.

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