If you're going to act like a child you can pay someone to teat you like a child. There's a nanny service here in New York that will cater to your every need no matter how old you are.

Who doesn't want someone to take care of them? Sure, a spouse or significant other can take care of most of your emotional and physical needs but there are still some specific things they may not want to do. Don't fear because there are nannies out there that will help you for a price.

According to the New York Post, wealthier parents are now hiring nannies to take care of their kids and now themselves. Abigail Madison, a company out of New York City is staffing workers to fill these roles.

Once the kids are taken care of and off to school the nanny will then go home to take care of one of the parents. In some cases the nanny will travel to the parents place of business.

The adult nannies can do everything from massage you, feed you and even lay out your clothes for the day.

Who wouldn't want this? Wait, did we just find full time work for Fran Drescher?


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