Public indecency, public exposure, these sorts of things are awful and wildly unpleasant for the people around the perpetrator. They're also unfortunately all too common.

But not all of them take the turn that this one did.

After being caught masturbating on the subway, a man was pursued by a fellow passenger and confronted about the situation, at which point the Public Transit Self-Pleasurist (no one but me is calling him that, for the record), pulled a gun on him. A gun!

More has developed in this story since we talked about it. Turns out the alleged gun-toting train car masturbator is, in fact, a retired NYPD officer. His claim? He wasn't, in fact, pleasuring himself, but was actually urinating the 59 St N/R station. He's facing charges of menacing and public lewdness. Check out the entire story below:


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