Pizza is a pretty touchy subject in NY, and I learned that I am pretty passionate about it when I moved to New England and found out that their slices are cut into squares 9 times out of 10, why?  I was 'that guy' whenever we ordered a pie, asking for it to be cut 'NY style' - yes, I would like my round pizza to be cut into 8 equally sized triangle slices, each piece with crust on the top and a point at the bottom.  Yes i'm sure, and no, there's not anybody in my house who would rather have 'a middle piece without crust' - gross. [yes, these are actual words I spoke to pizzerias when ordering, and yes, I could hear them huffing and puffing on the other end of the phone]

I digress.

I was recently scrolling and saw an ad for a device called 'The Pizza Fork' - when I back tracked to read more, I could almost hear my very Italian grandparents begin yelling in their half Italian half English dialect [that we grew to understand and love] about why I would ever need something to assist with pizza consumption, I clicked anyway.

Here's what we know, according to tiphero, this kitchen gadget gives you a fork/pizza cutter combo so you can slice your, well, slice, then eat, no additional tools required.

If you are worried about cleaning the device or pizza eating related injuries, have no fear...

The pizza fork is made of a top-quality stainless steel, making the blade sharp as a tack and easy to clean without ever the fear of rusting (and it’s dishwasher safe, so that’s always a plus!). There’s also a protective “fender” to cover the cutting wheel so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.

What started as a kickstarter device is now sold on amazon, so you can have yours delivered to your dining room table in time for 'Pizza Friday' if you want...

I can see using it to cut a slice up for my daughter, who typically ends up wearing more of it than eating it, considering slices are bigger than her head, but other than that, I'd probably pass on this pizza gadget for my own use.

Would you consider using The Pizza Fork, or are you into roughing it when it comes to pizza, going all in with your bare hands?