An old car frame was recently pulled out of the Hudson River and the pictures look like something straight out of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

The entire frame of a vehicle was recently found in Rondout Creek in Kingston. The frame appears to split in half and it even has two tires still attached. According to a post on the City of Kingston's Government page, the vehicle was uncovered as part of a $10 million Waste Water Treatment upgrade project. The project brings upgrades to the creek's outfall. It was apparently during these rebuilds when the old car was found.

Here is a photo of the old car frame being pulled out of the Hudson River. It has gotten quite a bit of attention online.

When I first saw this photo on social media I thought this car was pulled from a different water source. I believed it to be from the Hudson River. It seems like an old car could easily get lost in that large body of water. Though Rondout Creek is long, it doesn't seem deep enough to hide something this large.

How do you think the car frame got there? Cars don't just end up in creeks for no reason.

Do you think this could be linked to some sort of old cold case? I feel like Robert Stack in Unsolved Mysteries. If you have any information about this car please contact us.

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