Are you and your sweetie on the cusp of breaking up? On the brink of de-coupling? There is a casting agency looking for you and your "partner." The show that they are casting for "is seeking couples at a crossroads in their relationship for a groundbreaking new series that helps couples make the critical decision: should they make up or break up?"

Do you think they might be looking for you? If you make the 'casting call' you and your 'sweetie' will be flown out to Los Angeles for a one day shoot. Each of you will earn $1000 and you will meet with a relationship expert who will help you make the do I stay or do I go decision.

Couples will be filmed in front of a audience, where they will be asked candid questions about their relationships. Still interested?

Selected couples will be filmed in front of a small studio audience as they meet with our relationship expert. They’ll share their life together, through a series of filmed packages and brief chats in order to come to the right decision, to break up or stay together.

Think this might be for you and both of you are over the age of 21? If this is for you, fill out the lengthy application at