Nick has been bringing his new cat to work and needless to say, the crazy cat has been driving Brandi insane. Check out the latest dirty adventure of Pawsome the Awesome Cat.

Here at the WRRV Studio it is that special time when love is in the air. We aren't sure if it's instinctual or just hormones kicking in but Nick's cat, Pawsome has been feeling frisky all of the time. Unfortunately, that friskiness carries over to the work place.

I'm not sure what the policy on cat porn is at work but this seems a little inappropriate for work. Unfortunately, paws are not very gentle when it comes to erasing browser history.

Hopefully, Pawsome is just going through a phase and isn't just some sex pervert. But let's face the facts. It is Nick's cat.

Watch as Brandi tries to deal with Pawsome's awkward obsession in the WRRV studio.

Thanks for taking the time meowt of your day to enjoy this video.