Two kinds of butter? Peanut butter and regular butter? Is this a thing?

New York has definitely opened my eyes up to some new foods but this was a new one.

If you know me you know that my daily routine starts out with a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich from Stewart's Shops. It wasn't until today that I noticed something a little different?

Underneath the pb & j's was plain looking hard roll. Yes, it was a giant roll but was the sticker wrong? It was labeled peanut butter and butter.

I love Stewart's but I don't think this is my thing.

I'm told that new Yorker's covet this specific sandwich in the morning because it is paired extremely well with coffee. Is this true?

My grandma used to put butter on everything so I can kind of understand the reasoning. The butter and peanut butter hard roll doesn't seem like it would be my thing but it must be pretty popular or they wouldn't make them.

Are you fan?

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