It's been a good run but how the heck did it even last this long? It was like the Alamo of the Kmart stores.

The Penn Station Kmart store is really a New York City landmark. It has to be one of the last ones still standing. I feel like any Kmart store has been on borrowed time for about 20 years now.

According to Business Insider, there are just under 182 Sears and Kmart stores left.

Sadly, New Yorkers will have to say goodbye to one more.

The New York Post reports that around 160 people will be out work after it was announced the Manhattan Kmart will close soon.

Surprisingly there will still be 2 more Kmart's left in in NYC.

The Kmart in here in the Hudson Valley didn't make it and it's brother Sears, just announced the Poughkeepsie location will close as well.

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