I don't know if it's out ignorance or just confusion but here are 5 things that New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley refuse call by the real name.

Does it drive you crazy when you hear someone pronounce a word wrong? How about when they call it by the wrong name? Imagine correcting them yet they still prefer to call it it by the wrong name? What is causing this? Maybe some people just get comfortable with calling it one thing. It could also be the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is when a large group of people share the same false memory. There's a good chance a lot of local residents heard the name wrong and just went with it or their entire lives.

It's safe to say that the older we get the more stuck in our ways we become. It happens to just about everyone and residents of the Hudson Valley region of New York are not immune to that. Things change and get a new name or it could turn out we didn't know what the real name was the entire time but when we're corrected we still won't budge.

There are several examples of this throughout the Hudson Valley. Most of them are bridges but there are a few roads and buildings as well.

Here is a list of 5 things that most of us refuse to call by the real name. Do you know of anymore we can add to the list?

5 Things Hudson Valley Residents Refuse to Call By The Real Name

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