It might be childish, but that's exactly what this company does.

We've all been so frustrated or angered by someone that we've had wild fantasies of vengeance. If one of your ideas has been to have a big ol' pile of poo dumped on that person's doorstep, you're in luck! A company has been formed to fill that void:

A company called S***Express now offers the service of anonymously sending feces to somebody you don't like.

[T]he company ships to almost anywhere in the world.

S***Express only accept Bitcoin payments, which means it's almost impossible to trace who the payment came from.


There you go: untraceable, massive dump truck loads of fecal matter right on your enemy's porch.

How it works

1) Choose an animal

2) Fill out the address of the recipient

3) Choose how you want it wrapped - plan, traditional, or gift wrapped

4) Pay using Bitcoin


Who says technology is harmful?