Just how much would you pay for a black market spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye's Chicken?

You can get just about anything online nowadays. Many of us prefer the better prices and convenience of online shopping. In recent years, a lot of people have even ordered their groceries two days in advance from Amazon.

Like many Facebook users, I frequently check out the Facebook Marketplace to check out what kind of deals I can find. Even if I'm not looking for something specific, it's fun just to browse and see what my neighbors are selling.

I found something interesting the other day. Someone is selling a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye's for a mere $1,500. You might be able to make them an offer. There's a chance you could get one for $900.

Here's where it gets a little dicey. The condition on the ad says "new" but in the description says it was purchased at 12:19pm Monday 9/2/19.

Who's hungry?

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