If you're waiting for the caped crusader to see this sign and come to rescue Poughkeepsie, we might be waiting for quite awhile.

I think Alfred might be slipping a little bit.

Chuck Merrihew
Chuck Merrihew

Some local vandals are calling on some winged justice. It appears that someone has creatively added the Batman logo to the old Uno's Pizzeria sign on Route 55.

Could Poughkeepsie use the world's greatest detective? Could Batman clean up the streets? Maybe Bruce Wayne could open up Wayne Enterprises somewhere here in the Hudson Valley and bring all kinds of jobs to the area. Perhaps we need him to call out the real-life Joker who hangs out near Marist.

That Batmobile would look cool cruising down Route 9.

If we do want Batman to see this we may have to invest in a better sign than some spraypainted cardboard.

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