The City of Poughkeepsie owned lot used as concert parking for The Chance Theater is up for sale. Mayor Rob Rollison has released a Request For Proposals (RFP) on the 1.2-acre parking lot and has set a deadline of Friday, October 19th for developers to submit.

Proposals will need to meet certain criteria to be considered. City officials are looking to maximize the site's potential and add to Poughkeepsie's revival. They prefer a mix of residential/commercial and must be mixed income. Lower level business' with upper-level apartments at a variety of price points should be the objective.

The site which is officially listed at 35 Catherine Street, sees more than 35,000 cars a day pass by. The RFP recognizes the fact that parking is needed in the downtown area but also states that open parking lots detract from the 'vibrancy' of an area. For more information, you can reach out to Paul Calogerakis by emailing

What would you build there if you had a few million dollars to invest?

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