We're in the middle of a heatwave. We can expect a few more weeks of high temperatures and high humidity in the Hudson Valley.

Most of us have our air conditioning units kicked in to overdrive and for good reason. It is only fair to assume that your electric bill is going to climb in these hot summer months. I think most of us expect it. What we don't expect is to see a comma in the amount due for a two bedroom apartment.

He may have his air conditioning on full blast but a Poughkeepsie resident is a little fiery after getting a bogus bill from Central Hudson. He was reportedly charged over $18,000 by mistake. Since he is enrolled in automatic payments the sum was removed from his account basically emptying their savings according to him.

Here is a statement from the man who received the bill.

"My wife and I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment, and recently we even decided on the luxury of installing one air conditioning unit in our windows for the roaring heat. We fully expected this to bump up our electricity bill, but when my wife woke up on the 7th and saw Central Hudson was trying to charge her over $18,000, we were mortified. She immediately called customer service who were also in shock and promised her to “fix this”. We had a rent payment on the way, groceries we needed to buy, and air conditioning to use to survive the heatwave (if now ever so sparingly). We had to fight by the grit of our teeth to not get evicted" - Anonymous

According to the customer the amount is going to be refunded but only after massive inconveniences.

Imagine getting this bill in the mail.

Poughkeepsie Man Stuck with $18k Electric Bill For His Apartment

One Poughkeepsie, New York man is understandably upset after reportedly having almost $20,000 automatically deducted from his bank account. Here is the bill. What would do if you got this in the mail?

This is either a huge mistake or this guy has one hell of a bitcoin mining operation. What would you do if you received that bill in the mail?

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