Poughkeepsie has been named one of America's "most charming seaside towns." We have questions on this one. For example, do they know it's located on the banks of the Hudson River and not a "sea?"

MSN took a look at America's 30 most charming locations and this is how they set up the article:

America is chock-full of waterfront seaside towns, cities and villages but a select few stand out for their one-of-a-kind character and charisma. From coast to coast, these seaside destinations are guaranteed to both surprise and enthrall you.

Not to take away from the charm of the Poughkeepsie waterfront, The Walkway Over The Hudson is a world-class destination. The Mid Hudson Children's Museum is a great resource for Hudson Valley families. There are great bars and restaurants throughout the River District. And there are a number of projects in the works to make it even better, but seafaring?

Poughkeepsie is included along with places like Bar Harbor, Maine, Cape May, New Jersey and Mystic, Connecticut. I mean, it's nice to be included but someone should tell them it's at least a hundred miles to the closest sea. Now, if they're looking at 'waterfront' locales, we'll shut up and take that honor.

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