Just a few years ago, a graduate of the CIA and his wife took over the small hidden bar on Verrazano Blvd in Poughkeepsie. What was once a simple college watering hole is now a multi-crowd-drawing tavern. I've heard good things about Tavern 23 and have been looking forward to checking it out. Why I waited so long is beyond me, their burger alone was enough to make me want to return.

Tavern 23

I'll be the first to admit that my taste in food falls under the tailgate category, so a good burger is all it takes to impress me. However, since I'm such a boring eater, my burgers are enjoyed without toppings. Yes, this includes cheese & bacon. I know I'm missing out on life but it's my choice so let's get over it. This means there are only two ingredients that can be used for my opinion, the meat and the bun.

I took one bite and immediately took a picture, this burger was a bite of heaven. I learned that their beef is locally sourced from Adam's Fair Acre Farms which explains the good flavor. Their bun is a Bianca roll which is adequately sized to accommodate this beef patty of awesome.


Yelp reviews for Tavern 23 have it ranked at 4.5 stars. It is located at 23 Verrazano Blvd. You can read more Yelp reviews by clicking here.

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