We're not number 1 and that's actually a good thing but we didn't do all that great.

Rats aren't just pests. People generally dislike them. Cartoon elephants aren't the only ones who are afraid of rats and mice. Musophobia or murophobia are two very common fears.

Usually you want to be number 1 on a list. It's cool to be top dog. New York City usually scores high on all kinds of lists. This is one list that residents of the city are probably extremely thankful they didn't top.

Orkin were declaring war on rats

An unlikely city to make the list of  'rattiest places' was Albany, New York. Albany came in at #34. Are the rats in the city taking the train up here?

The rats are also making their way out west. Buffalo, New York also made the list. They came in at #39. Syracuse followed closely behind at the #42 spot.

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