I'm confused. Has it always been like this?

The popular craft store is closing and that means that we need to say goodbye to the Sharpie station which the entire Hudson Valley might have signed.

I had never been to an A.C. Moore before but I was dragged there today by my fiance'. I've got to say that it was pretty depressing. Maybe years ago it was quite a place but since it's closing was announced in November it has become a ghost town.

With one week until they close their doors the shelves are being stripped down, products are being almost given away and display stands will soon be recycled or sold to other stores.


One piece of equipment should go to a Hudson Valley museum and be locked in time forever. The Sharpie display stand that is filled with graffiti needs to find a home and right now. We can't just throw this away.

How long have people been writing on it? This could contain the signature of the future governor.

Have you signed the Sharpie station at A.C. Moore in Wappingers?

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