I think this nana had nitrous in her car. She looked old but she was apparently in a hurry and I was in the way.

I have had my share of potential road rage incidents but this one really caught me off guard.

I think we have all experienced or at least witnessed more aggressive drivers on the roads during the summer months. If this is true it could be caused by a variety of factors including busier roads due to increased traffic, tourists who are unfamiliar with the roads and hotter temperatures can cause people to have shorted fuses.

I may have experienced this today while I was driving on Rte 9 Poughkeepsie today.

I was stopped at a traffic light that wad red. About a second after the light turned green the driver in the car behind me laid on their horn to get my attention. I will admit there are times that I will occasionally check my phone at a long red light but I wasn't this time. She didn't even give me enough time to take my foot off of the gas until she got impatient.

It didn't stop there. The driver then merged, sped up and passed me. When the car pulled up beside me I was shocked to find out that the person behind the wheel was this tiny old lady. She mouthed some words to me and then gave me the middle finger.

I don't know what her hurry was but I guess she didn't have time to wait.

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