Right now there are extremely cheap flights out of Newburgh, New York but you have to act fast.

The daily temperatures are starting to get a little cooler. Fall weather starts out as some nice relief from the summer months but before you know it those temperatures will be cold and frigid. There's a chance we could get a lot of snow this winter.

It's never too soon to start thinking about a vacation to a warmer destination. Florida is a popular tourist destination because of the consistently mild weather. It's also popular for people who do not like to leave the country.

Right now you can book a one way flight from LaGuardia International Airport to Jacksonville International airport in Florida for just $39. You have to move fast on booking the flight but you would be able to travel there as soon as next up until early next year.

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With everything going on right now most of us are looking to escape the madness and maybe visit some place a little more exotic. If you were looking to leave the country there are also crazy deals on flights to Iceland from Stewart International Airport.

Right now you can book a flight at the end of the month to fly from Newburgh, New York to Reykjavik, Iceland for just under $260.


I've never had the desire to travel to Iceland but for tickets that cheap it might be fun to take a spontaneous trip.

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