When will we finally get rid of this stupid rule? It doesn't work. You can keep the quarter. I'm not going back to coral. I told you that no one cares about this rule.

A few months back I completely ripped on the fact that groceries stores in Poughkeepsie make you pay a quarter to use their shopping carts. I'm sorry but I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

My biggest complaint was that people rarely carry change anymore. Maybe it's something about the younger generation but I've got some cash and I mostly rely on plastic for my purchases.

A lot of Hudson Valley residents were quick to defend the 25 cent shopping cart rental fee stating that without it that hoodlums would steal the cart or leave them in the streets.

Well, here's proof that it doesn't always work. So, what's even the point?

It's time we finally repeal this senseless rule once and for all.


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