It's a bit unorthodox but it could help out a lot of people in many ways this holiday season. Should Hudson Valley police departments temporarily adopt this policy for the holidays?

A police department in a Pennsylvania town has a new approach to help out local toy drives this holiday season. According to the St. Marys Police Force's Facebook Page, they will be waiving small fines and citations in hopes that the offender would instead purchase a toy and donate it to their Cops for Kids Program. The following is a statement from their page.

 “In the spirit of the holidays, we are waiving the issuance of a citation, in hopes that you will drop off an unwrapped toy to our Police Department. On behalf of the Saint Marys City Police Department, have safe and happy holidays!!!”

Do you think that this is a good practice and should it happen here? A $100 ticket before Christmas could really mess up someone's plans. Some citizens could use a break.

Police patrol in winter
Elnur Amikishiyev

Should the fees of small infractions be waived if they donate a toy to children in need? Would people abuse this or do you think they would follow the honor system?