Today was the big raid on the site that supposedly harbors remnants of an alien craft that crashed decades ago. I want to know the truth but I didn't raid Area 51. Am I a coward?

Unless you just arrived on the planet you already know that people have been planning for months now to attend an event called "Alienstock 2019" at the Homey Airport in Nevada. After they all met up the plan was then to storm the air force base and demand to see Area 51. That is if it even exists.

Thankfully, according to CNN, there were not a lot of people who attended. Roughly a few thousand showed up and decided not to storm the military installation.

Bummer. I thought someone would be brave enough to try to get some answers for me. I'm certainly not brave enough to scale the fence with a few other nerds to find a piece of the Roswell crash.

Oh well. There's always next year. The truth is out there.


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