In the midst of so much gun violence in our county is this sign too insensitive? Some Hudson Valley residents may think so.

The Mount Gulian historic site in Fishkill is the home to an old Dutch cottage built in the 1600s right off the Hudson River. It's a popular tourist attraction for newcomers and residents right here in the Hudson Valley.

It's a great place to learn about Native and early American life locally. They also use their beautiful scenery to book outdoor weddings for the summer.

Just outside the site is a large life size sign of a man aiming a musket rifle and pointing it in the street. Right underneath the figure is a sign promoting a children's event. In the wake of another mass shooting and several gun threats that have occurred here recently in the area is the sign out front of the manor too insensitive? Are people over thinking it?


Should the sign be altered or removed? Or is that a little too reactionary?