What is the jolly man in red's gender? Is he a male, female or none of the above? Should Santa Claus hang up the sack and let Mrs. Claus take over? Or would we call her Mrs. Claus anymore?

Even if you don't celebrate Christmas odds are you have a pretty good idea of what Santa looks like. He's usually described as having rosy cheeks, a red suit and big white beard. Oh, and he loves Coca-Cola but that's neither here nor there.

According to a survey done by Graphic Spring, a lot of people think that it's time to give Santa Claus a serious makeover. Some of things that they covered was should Santa have tattoos? Should he wear skinny jeans? Should he drink beer?

Almost 20% of people think that Santa should be gender neutral.

What do you think? Does Saint Nick need to get with the times?

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