Kids from the 90's are celebrating the triumphant return of one of their favorite toys but is it really the same?

Back in the day every kid had a Tamagotchi. They're definitely pretty dumb looking back but they were cool to have at the time. You have a little virtual pet that you have to take care of and even feed. Sadly, if you don't take care of these things your virtual pet can die.

It takes a pretty irresponsible pet owner to not even take of a robot pet. Literally all you have to do is press a few buttons.

In case you forgot, they made a small comeback a few years back. According to Gizmodo, they're coming back again but with a strange sexual twist. I guess they're in color now and they can connect to other digital pets using wireless technology for play dates and even sexual encounters. They can even get married.

Will Tamagotchi breeder be the job of the future?

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