In the 21st Century, you are haunted by everything you ever do. You can't escape yourself. Every bad decision, every dumb tweet, every stray thought you decided to blog--whether you're complaining about the dog that barks next door or posting about how you'd overthrow the government in a small third world nation--is going to remain there, suspended on the interwebs for all future generations to see.

The best (worst?) example of this is any criminal discretion. Get arrested? You're done. Doesn't matter what happens after the fact, nor does you being exonerated. That mugshot is going to live on forever, fam. It's basically like Freddy Krueger. It's not going anywhere.

So, with that in mind, why not make it a memorable one? That's what this guy did. If his mugshot has to live on in perpetuity, why not make sure people get some joy out of it?