If you or someone you know ever needs help or if you need to talk to somebody to talk to here's the number of a local hotline that may be able to help you.The recent and tragic death of Linkin Park's front man,Chester Bennington surprised and shocked the world and his fans alike.

Bennington's death was ruled a suicide by hanging.

Isaac Brekken, Getty Images
Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

Chester Bennington and fellow rock artist, Chris Cornell's death have recently sparked a conversation about the importance of discussing mental health. At such an early age we are taught in school about physical health but mental health and disabilities always seems to be put aside as if we're expected to just figure it out. Why are we afraid to dive into  a deeper conversation?

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, over 44,000 Americans commit suicide each year and it's the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Everyone likes to believe that kids these days have it easy. It's always fun to make light about how many advantages the younger generation has. The reality is that they don't have it easy at all. The threat of cyber bullying is very underplayed. Almost every kid carries a camera and has the capability of capturing a student's most embarrassing moment and uploading to the internet almost instantaneously. Imagine that on top of all of the other stress involved with growing up.

If you're a teen dealing with self-harm, gender-identity issues, sexuality, relationships at school or at home, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, or anything else please know that you're not alone.

Thankfully, Text4Teens is a local organization that is here locally coordinated through the Mental Health Association of Orange County and will listen to you.

Their number is 845-391-1000 and our hours are Mon-Thurs 4-10PMFriday 4PM-12AM, and Saturday and Sunday 5PM-12AM.

The Helpline number is 800-832-1200.

Never be afraid to reach out.