Did you hear about the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner? The one that comes in a box from the potato chip brand Pringles and needs no cooking?

Pringles, last year, released 8 different Thanksgiving flavors. This year, they brought back 3 of the most popular flavors. This year the flavors that were available in a 3-pack were Pumpkin Pie in a Can, Turkey in a Can and Stuffing in a Can.

The good news for Pringles fans was that the flavors were returning. The not so good news, includes the only way to purchase the limited items was online at the cost of $14.99 at Kelloggs.com.

If you have not already purchased these chips, you are out of luck, according to news reports, the tasty chips sold out in 41 minutes. Will there be more available before Thanksgiving or will they be found on a store shelf here in the Hudson Valley soon? These are questions that everyone would like to have an answer to.

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