You might not be able to come to terms with this fact but the Hudson Valley is huge. It's so massive that it can be overwhelming. It seems like we're all trapped in our own little regional bubbles and we don't like to adventure out further than our 30 mile comfort zones. However, if you live in the Hudson Valley region of New York you could live hours apart from another part of the region.

How is this possible?

You might not have known this and you might not even agree with it but did you know that the Hudson Valley region of New York stretches from Westchester and Rockland County all the way to Saratoga County

The Hudson Valley is filled with towns and cities that are so amazing they are just unforgettable.

Then there are towns that are the total opposite. I'm not bashing these towns in anyway. As someone who lived near Albany and moved to the lower Hudson Valley I can say that I have been to or passed through most of these towns. They look lovely but if you bring most of then up to other Hudson Valley residents they may scratch their heads and wonder where these places are. If they have heard of them it's probably only for one reason. For example, one town on the list is knows for skiing and holding a big concert every summer but most people don't give it another thought.

Here is a list of towns from each county in the Hudson Valley that seem to be forgotten about.

Forgotten Towns From Each Hudson Valley County

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