Call me the crazy one but didn't Aristotle settle this in the 1400's? If you are one of these people who think that the earth is flat you frighten me. It's terrifying and it's dangerous thinking.

For some reason out of all of the issues in modern society, I never would have thought I would be defending something like the shape of the earth.

The International Space Station (Iss Is Backdropped Against The Blue And White Horizon Scene Of Ear
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If you aren't familiar with The Flat Earth Society it's exactly what it sounds like. They reject the idea of the globe or spherical earth. I'm going to dumb down the already ridiculous theory by saying they basically believe we are a flat pancake rock and the Sun and the moon rotate above us. In a desperate attempt to say "I'm still relevant", rapper B.o.B has started a Go Fund Me page trying to debunk our current perception of earth.

Why do they believe this? What are their motives? What are some common motives that you'll hear from a flat earther.


"We have the right to question and be curious".

"Those pictures are fake".


"NASA lies to us."

"The Pictures you see are fake".


"Every space program is lying".


"We've been indoctrinated into thinking the earth is round with no proof".


Of course they say all of this with no proof that we live on a flat earth either. What causes someone to suddenly reject science and tangible evidence? Here's a live feed from a space station but unfortunately, it's not believable enough because it could be CGI effects.

I'm sorry but I'm not biting. I'll never say the government has never lied to us. In fact, there are multiple cases where that's been proven. What on earth (pun intended) does NASA or any body of government have to gain from having us believe the earth is flat?

It's backwards thinking like this that takes attention from real issues. You're free to believe what you want but I don't think you and I will ever be friends if you think we live on a pancake. I do have an open mind. I'm even open to a good conspiracy theory but this is too much. No, I haven't been brainwashed my entire life by using a globe in school. I respect facts, pictures, videos and the opinions of some of the greatest astro-physicist's in the world. Can science be dangerous? Of course it can but what's even more dangerous is when we start to deny irrefutable evidence because of a washed up celebrity opinion or the "well, the government lies to us" excuse.