The Real World hit the airwaves on May 21 1992 and changed the reality TV game. Remember when MTV played music videos? It was around this time they figured out they could draw a whole new audience with reality television and began to shift. Which led to more Road Rules and Pimp My Ride and less Beastie Boys and Nirvana videos.

There's a Hudson Valley connection to the show as Irene McGee was born in Pleasant Valley and was a cast member on season seven in Seattle. She left mid-season because she was suffering from complications of Lyme Disease and had ethical issues with the production of the show.

The minutes leading up to her leaving the program are some of the most talked-about moments from the entire Real World series. There was a heated exchange with a cast member by the name of Stephen Williams. He ended up opening the door of the cab she was in and slapped her. It was a shocking moment that should have been dealt with more seriously. Producers gave the cast the option to kick him off the show but they allowed him to stay if he talked to a therapist.

In case you ever wondered what happened to Irene after she left The Real World, let's give her a chance to tell you in her own words. The Real World ran for 33 seasons with more than 600 episodes.

Irene continues to advocate for Lyme Disease awareness.

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