A solar eclipse is a tricky thing. It's a rare event, so you want to experience it; but you also don't want to stare directly at it, because then your eyes might melt directly out of your skull or something. So either you buy dorky glasses that let you barely see the eclipse, or you just stand around outside and be aware that the eclipse is happening around you. 

Well, if you're gonna do the stand around outside thing, you might get a little bored, and you might wish you had some music or something to pass the time. Well, I've got you covered! Here's a great playlist you can put together of songs that fit the eclipse theme, just for today.

1. Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden - Obvious choice, but a pretty accurate description of what the sun will look like.

2. No Sunlight, Death Cab for Cutie - Another obvious one, because during the eclipse, it will get pretty dark.

3. Staring at the Sun, The Offspring - WRRV does not recommend staring at the sun during the eclipse, and instead suggests you listen to one of The Offspring's best songs instead.

4. Why Does The Sun Shine?, They Might Be Giants - Maybe you're hanging out during the eclipse and you start wondering about the science behind it. Let They Might Be Giants take a moment to educate you.

5. Shadow of the Day, Linkin Park - There will be a shadow cast over the daylight. Hence, "Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park. See, a lot of thought went into this list!

6. When Day Met Night, Panic at the Disco - During the eclipse, day will meet night, so it's a perfect time to bust out this Panic at the Disco track.

7. Walking on the Sun, Smash Mouth - Because during the eclipse, the moon is essentially walking on the sun, right? I failed science class.

8. Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes - Or maybe the moon is more like an obtrusive blister in the sun? I'm losing track of my analogies.

9. Steal My Sunshine, Len - I can tell you this, the moon is stealing our sunshine for the day! Give it back, moon!

10. Total Eclipse of the HeartBonnie Tyler - I mean, obviously.