The sudden ban on certain electronic cigarette flavors doesn't seem like it's for our benefit. It seems more like big brother is trying to control us.

Recently there has been a lot negative publicity about vapes and e-cigarettes but where did this all come from? One week ago it seemed like we were seeing ads all over the place and hearing testimonials on the radio about how vaping had helped a large amount of people quit smoking rolled tobacco cigarettes. Remember when those were the enemy?

So far there have been six deaths that have been linked to the dangers of vaping. Did anyone ever say they were safe? I'm not an expert and I don't vape but I'd imagine that putting anything foreign especially drugs into your body has its inherent risk.

Does big tobacco win if vaping is banned? Of course. Is this the real reason behind the ban?

One reason why a ban is pushed is that the CDC is concerned about the lack of FDA approval on many vape products. The fact is that I can go to GNC and Vitamin Shoppe and buy a cart full of products that aren't approved by the Food and Drug Administration so I just can't but that answer.

Another common reason we're hearing is that the flavors are targeting children. Is this true? Possibly, but is it any different than all of the flavors that alcohol beverages offer?

Is it about our health or is it about money?

Someone may have to explain this all to me.

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