Over the last few months, we here at WRRV have been holding auditions for a new cohost to join Brandi in the mornings. Here is a look at one of the most recent auditions. Joining us in the studio is the Hudson Valley legend Eggbert. He (They?) were able to spend sometime with us Brandi in the studio.

During the interview, the Eggberts let us know that they are a little nervous and might have a bit of a scheduling conflict in the months of November and December. Check out how they make sure we know this in their traditional Eggberts style.

Every November and December Eggbert can be found greeting kids by their first name at Devitts Farm & Nursery Route 32 in New Windsor. Have you ever visited EggBert around the holidays? Did you know that in some families Eggbert is more popular than Santa Claus?

Will Eggbert make the cut to continue on to become the next WRRV cohost? Or will he end up being a scrambled mess?